Still alone.
Then I triple texted him in ten minutes, like the dummy I am.
So I turned on some quiet classical background music at a low volume.
I knew I was wrong but I never let errors stop me.
Space is flexible, honey, it expands.
Then I let him jump in when I was the one who solved the problem, like the weakling I am.
So I took my shirt off and laid face down.
I knew I was stupid but I never let stupidity stop me.
There is no sound in space, baby girl.
Then I felt beautiful after he said I was, like the insecure woman I am.
So I put my head in the face cradle and stared at the ground.
I knew I was desperate but I never let desperatation stop me.
Most of the atoms in my body were created in space through fusion anyway, sugar.
Then I bought him a bunch of bullshit that I thought would keep him like the fool I am.
So I took a long deep breath and waited for the essential oils to hit my skin.
I knew I was caught up, and foolish and impossible but not deterred.
But a person can never get to the very edge of the universe, sweetheart.
Then I checked my phone for 3 days for a response like the idiot I am.
So I lie there, waiting patiently for effleurage.
I knew I was mistaken but I never have and never will let a mistake stop me.
Onward darling, to Proxima Centauri, my silly ass goes…
Still alone.
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