It’s gonna take one more drink for me to tell you
Why I was so scared in 1978
One more to tell you
Why I was so hurt in 1986
Just one more, one more,
to confess what I did in that alley in 1997
Just one, just another, to reveal
how I tried to craft my own death in 1990
and again in 2005
And I suppose, it’ll take just one more drink after that
to hear my thesis on conformity, on space time, on the darkness
One more to hear my theories on
quantum mechanics, astrology and witch hunts
One more to hear the metronomish click of my tongue
Tell you about cybernetic social responsibility
One more to share my crimes of 2008
Just one more to admit how I got those scars in 2012
Just one, just another one thereafter to fully explain in 2018
the natural chemical reaction to my stimulus
that causes you to believe in the scientifically proven myth
of love…
I’ll tell it all to you at the bar
If you’ve got the time…

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