I crack the dawn over a sizzling skillet of self aggrandizing
about my position in your life and then the punishing rush begins
the onslaught to my swollen throat
of the very hottest over controlling fascination made from only the finest handpicked Kenyan coffee beans which accidentally
gives me more courage than I can actually demonstrate for your fine ass and I’m lost in a winding never ending train ticket queue for a smattering of your toxic attention that is only a cloud away
and I’m late and I’m scared I don’t have correct change to ride by mid day, every day because it never stops, I wake up and find you still in existence and like a winged insect that changed from a slimy crawling one, once, I morph into the best version of me that I will allow you to see and then I drink protein
as much as I think I will need
to race back and forth between my bed and breakfast and you and trying to get to you and trying to be with you because you are the biggest bag of the best strain of the most top notch weed ever created and I become a just another lung, hanging on, in a body made of nervous and reckless and boundless and foolish energy
But all I really want is rest…
All I want is for you to be gone
So I crack the dawn
and suffer again
and again
and again
and again
For you….

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