You’re the son of the goddess of fortune, clearly.
I guess that I should finally open these couple of packages.
Seems like they have been on the edge of my bed forever,
next to those stupid furry red restraints…
Waiting for you.
There’s always someone baby…someone who gets hurt.
I hung out with a friend of mine recently that fucking proper hates you and apologized to him for being a dick for so long.
He’s a gerbil type, the best of ’em, truly, and I’ve done nothing but make him suffer the past few years just to play dumb ass trapping games with a wild willing tiger type. YEARS.
And now, I’m leaving. This shit is so fucking disrespectful.
There’s always someone baby…someone that loses.
I dunno, I think this new cage might be too small for your perfect cock anyway…
I can’t imagine you ever being that restricted…
One person can’t be your everything, you understand that, right, I mean you need me as much as I pretend to need you.
Bite a pillow for me.
There’s always someone baby…someone who gets lied to.
I should have caught you when you were 17 because if I had, my torment is all that you’d have ever known of love.
You’d be the chief gerbil by now, babe.
Don’t you want to play with your toys?
When are you free?
You should let yourself come over and just try it on, just so I can see, for old time’s sake, that’s all.
Because there’s always someone baby…someone to replace you.
When are you free?
Maybe come say hi soon, before you know, you find yourself desperately missing me with not enough actual memories to mentally replay.
Do whatever tigers naturally do.
Because I’m leaving soon so….
I would.
If I were you….

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