These are just whims and debilitations…
I think you’re the charlatan and I’m the mark too dumb to abstain
These are just foibles and exaggerations…
I think I’ve had enough of you and then I taste you every now and again
These are just vagaries and idolizations…
I think that you are just as ridiculous as you think that I am
These are just thoughts and hesitations…
I think that you being convinced that you don’t love me is a sham
These are just dreams and intoxications…
I think that you’re a swindler even though I’m too stupid to not do as you demand
These are just wishes and confabulations…
I think that I’m done with you and let you slither out of my hand
These are just feelings and vibrations…
I think about stopping all contact but you act as if you don’t understand
These are just addictions and inclinations…
I think that we both want me to prove that you’re still under my command

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