He saw the place online
And he asked if he could move in
He brought music and emotion to the place
But as soon as it was decorated
He started putting locks on cabinets
Locks on drawers and claiming security
for himself was the way he showed his love.
But the house was crumbling
wind breaking window panes
and he just ignored the destruction
adding locks to prevent intangibles from leaving…
Forgetting that rent was a thing
He got evicted, leaving locks everywhere
and a new tenant moved in there
He’d seen the place online
And he asked if he could come have a good time
He brought charm and color to the place
But as soon as he rebuilt the exterior
He never cleaned the inside at all
claiming that upping the property value
was the way that he showed his love.
He never mopped or dusted or used incenses
Cobwebs spread out all over everything…
He was so focused on what people thought of the outside
It didn’t matter if the inside was empty
When the toilets backed up he just left
Not caring that his credit would never recover after that
Now the house just lines the street as cars drive past
And the most beautiful Virginia Creeper miraculously & lovingly grows…

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