He can’t resist natural instinct…
I was standing on the street corner
Looking like I look and popping gum,
and he saw me and licked his lips.
He didn’t even know why though-
But he never let reason stop him
So he approached and said
Follow me
I didn’t even know why though-
So I said okay
Because I can’t resist good shit either
And we discovered
Just talking to one another
That we had left the hemisphere
Left the world, left the plane
Left the dimension just by saying hi
getting high
telling so few lies
mesmerized on our own reflections in the night sky
drinking the sunrays goodbye
Just for a millisecond
On the same wavelength in different rooms in different houses in different towns
Both terrified
A new tick on the timeline
And not even really sure how though-
he teaches me something new in more than an hour
in more than two
and as a gift since okay was the easiest way
I mind fuck him til his phone dies….
Instinct decides.

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