I’m irritated because the whole of civilization
has trained itself
to lie to itself.
I don’t conversate, I converse-
I don’t run game
game don’t run me
and I actually think games, like tricks,
are for kids.
I couldn’t give a fuck
if someone doesn’t like my make up
my size, my music, my name, my skin tone
my body odor and especially not my nonchalant rude ass attitude.
It’s fucking nonsense. The shit is exhausting.
I do what I want, when I want, with who I want and I will not bend over for anyone that it doesn’t please me to.
I try to be an honest straight shooter.
I try to say what I mean when I mean it.
I’m not seeing anyone seriously at the moment because I’m a little too honest and not submissive enough.
I don’t apologize out loud too often.
I shouldn’t have to trick you to get you just because everyone else operates that way.
People always have a secret agenda.
I legit don’t. So I keep losing like the crazy person that I am.
I can’t figure the shit out so fuck it. And you too if you’d like.
Hopefully we are now clear, like crystal, Pig.

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