What she wants
is different from what I need
She’s just a cartoon
And I’m just infatuated…
She wants a long table in a dark room, candles lit at the center of the table, a fire place roaring in the background, soft classical music dancing on the wind, a window open as darkness seeps in and blows the curtains to the ceiling and you are there
and she is well aware
that this scene is dumb
what I need is for you to pick up your phone and call me because more than anything in the world all you want to hear is my voice say your name and as soon as you do, you hit the buzzer to my door
and I pretend that I don’t know
what you are really here for

She wants a lifetime
And I just want a destination
and you can’t be seen from the window because
they’re both under the table enveloped in the orange light and each other’s embrace clothes scattered to the corners melted wax leaking onto your back and nothing other than her on your mind…
She lives in a fairyland, forgive her
and you’ve got your eye up to the peephole and I open the door and you’re standing here, fixing your hair and you pull me out by my waistband, grab the back of my head and kiss me in the middle of the hallway for no reason…
I am obsessed and childish, forgive me

She wants a promise
I just need participation….
she is me
And I am her
She is typical
And I am exasperation.


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