I’m seriously considering getting a hot glue gun to fill the TSA opening on that second lock but I’m afraid that if I do this it may affect the mechanism of the lock and perhaps prevent the combination that I set from working. This frustrates me.
The fact that I have to go to this level to come up with ways to keep you vulnerable in your cage and incapacitated sucks.
If I don’t go to these extremes, you would be out in a week and never tell me. We don’t live close enough to one another for me to constantly check and I have no way of truly tracking you from here without invading your privacy and you’re not a normal sub. You like to control from underneath. You like to fight the inevitable. You escaping me is the dumbest endeavor a man could undertake but I know you’ll try if I don’t cover all the bases at all times.
It’s irritating as fuck that you simply don’t love me back.
The second lock could be too heavy too and we won’t ever know for sure if you do your typical Houdini shit and pick the locks.
It feels like you don’t really want to be captured sometimes or you’d still be in the first cage I ever bought you. We’re five cages in now, sweetie and now I know that the only one that you’ll stay in is the one that you want to be in. You claim I can hold the keys and yet you make copies of them without my knowledge. Its not on me that you aren’t the chaste servant you pretend to be, it’s on you.
You’re the boss here kiddo, not me. And yet my love, you still are awash with fear which is why you’re not in the latest cage already.
I think part of the thrill is fear.
But the restraint idea was yours though.
Before, the opportunity to control you only dimmed if there was a chance that you would fall in love with some dumb broad near your house but now, much like death knocking, with me moving away soon, time has become limited. If this is your ecstasy, I’m willing to participate for as long as I can before I travel west.
I love you so whatever you decide to do honey, or to let me do to you is fine with me.
If I never see you again face to face baby, I’ve had an incredible time with you although I know sometimes when you left I seemed disappointed, or sad or scared. If you want me to cage you again, I will. You know I can’t resist you. But if you don’t, I’ve already had you wipe a tear from my eye about it a year ago. It’s all good. Choice is yours, doll.
Always has been yours.
Always will be yours.
I love you.
Cries for help are silent…
Choice is yours, doll.
Cries for help are silent…
It’s all good.
Cries for help are silent…
Always will be, clearly, between you and me
Since the love idea was mine though..

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