You’ve got a real hang up with men.
You might want to get that checked out, sugar.
No seriously, you must want to
or else you wouldn’t have even thought about it
long enough
to come to no as a conclusion.
For example, have you ever thought about
slapping a goat? No, correct?
Yet, I just put it into your head. Now, you’ve imagined it.
It takes less than a second sure for the image to crystallize but you made a
decision about doing it already.
That fast.
I’m not saying you thought about it for days on end or anything but
It’s definitely crossed your mind….
See, on the goat slappage thing, before I ever suggested it, it had never occurred to you.
You’ve never had to make a decision about not slapping a goat until now.
Get it?
So evidently it’s been on your mind before since you’re so quick to say you don’t want a dick in your mouth, when no one even suggested it.
Other than you in your unwarranted, unsolicited opposition.

Quietly, baby… are you going to be slapping any goats any time soon?
I mean, I’ll love you either way…
I’m curious, honey… for science.





2 responses to “Prosaic Animus on Whole Wheat”

  1. Queen Rude Avatar

    I learn new shit every day.


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