I close my eyes only to keep myself going and suddenly
I’m on a beach that I don’t recognize but it’s perfect.
Only about 68 degrees Fahrenheit because I don’t know any better.
The ocean is to the left of me and I can feel the east coming.
The sun is shining on me and the water softly, like it might be dawn or it might be dusk. My feet lift sand with every step and I’m unable to hear the waves lapping over the random seagull calls overhead. There are no birds however, in sight. Not yet anyway.
I know suddenly that I have at least a mile left to go before I get to you.
I can see you now and I couldn’t before.
There is a rock jutting across my path, a ways down from here and this rock is large enough to look like a mountain in the distance. And there you are, atop the rock, sitting and facing the waves, staring at the sea, a shadow of yourself, arms crossed around your knees and I know it’s you because of how the silhouette makes me feel from down here by the water.
And I walk, wondering why and how I ever got this far away from you and I climb the rock with no hands, it’s not really all that slick or steep and my pants legs are wet and my toes are covered in sandy mud and I sit down behind you, you don’t turn to face me, you don’t say a word to me, but I scoot in close so that you can feel my heartbeat through your back and the wind is blowing your hair like it’s a flag on the front of a ship and my head rests on your shirt, my arms around your waist like I’m holding on and this rock is a motorcycle or holding you back so tasting the seawater seems less appealing and I finally can see the birds escaping into the pale blue sky because I’m staring the other way than you are, just trying to see what you don’t care about missing…

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