Let some of this old stuff- these past feelings- go.
They don’t have to define you anymore.
They aren’t helping you do anything but



And retraumatize

No one else…
Just yourself.

So let some of this old stuff- these past feelings-go.
You bear the scars-
The ones that prove that you survived it the first time
So why relive it all every moment?

That won’t prevent it from re-occurring
when as you can see
quite plainly
what works
Is stepping over it and carrying on.
It’s not even who you are anymore.
That chick is long gone and she only stays alive because
You won’t let some of this old stuff- these past feelings- go.

It’s your history not your future…
Lessons learned don’t determine what is possible…
And what those horrors should have taught you
is that ultimately you can make it
all the way to midnight and in the light of day
make it better for someone else suffering.
Help them through too.
Let go of some of that old shit as proof…
You’re battle tested with nothing to lose.

Happiness is just a different pair of running shoes.

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