I met the dude who liked apologizing
and the one who only ever lied
and I met the one who thought he was a pimp
and the one who secretly tried
I met the cute one with the fetishes
and the ugly one who told jokes
I met the one who threw around a ‘lil money
and the one that was fine but dead broke
I met the gambler and the preacher
and the family man too
and I met the racist and the sexist and the one
who admitted he really liked dudes
I met a father and a brother
and somebody’s cousin visiting from down south
I met his best friend and his boyfriend
and the dude with the prettiest mouth
I met the dreamer and the user
and even a guy who was more than cool
and then I met the bastard who looks exactly like you do
I met them all and fucked a few and I told a few I’d stay
but everyone knows
how this shit goes
only your doppelganger got airplay…

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