A broken down Greyhound
Stuck in Birmingham
Chopsticks for Bobbi pins
Nothing but hand me downs
Babysitting at 10
Running through the hood
In nothing but Underoo’s
Mom liked being used
Given away, nowhere to stay
Molestation attempts fueled by booze
God doesn’t see any of this
Torture isn’t news
Excelling at academics
No praise, no joy
Called bitch by boys
because they can’t call you at home
You don’t have a phone
Slutty behavior at college
Constantly flirting with death
Pregnancies and abortions
Stealing to make rents
Traveling around the country trying to forget
Cars with no AC
Breaking hearts strategically
Writing down everything
Florida sun and Georgia nonsense
Tattoos and weave glue
Always pining for someone new
So many opportunities
but no love inside or out
psych wards and antidepressants
holes from teeth pulled outta your mouth
Skipped adolescence
Never really had a youth
Thousands of dollars in student loan debt
Road trips to Vegas with nothing left
Bankruptcy and divorces
Mental illness and abuse
And moving again soon
Can’t count all the regrets
And moving again soon
One more chance to fix the mess
Stronger now sort of
Still struggling to exist
You’re a reflection of what you have handled
at least some of it makes sense
No matter how bad it’s been
For someone else it has been worse
You can think about what to do now
Because you’re not riding in a hearse
But if it hadn’t happened
the way that it all did
would you even be the woman
who could have survived it?
Moving again soon
tomorrow always comes
the darkest of memories
should fade in the sun…

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