You know how much I love it when you beg.
You’re hurting me with this now so pretend to care
just a lil…
If there is a hell I’m going because of you.
You don’t even need me for this anymore so you’re being incredibly cruel.
I don’t want to tell you to fuck off because that’s not what I really want you to do.
But I’m waving the white flag.
You’ve made me look dumb enough already.
You don’t love me or you.
Maybe if I didn’t know about the fact that I’m not the only one you’re hurting…
If I wasn’t just one of the many stupid people who can’t say no to you…
then I could stomach it all just to see you again
but I’ve gotta do better.
Karma and all…
You obviously don’t love me or you.
If I keep seeing you the fact of the matter is I become a douchebag.
How you’re acting today is different than normal.
I’d have given my right arm if you’d been like this anytime in the past two fucking years.
This is a test of my emergency response system.
I’m waving the white flag.
I’ll get over all of this someday.
This is only a test.
You don’t love me or you.
And hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you aren’t hurting anyone because of this, who knows, but you know that I am and have. You’ve witnessed me mistreat people. I’m so scared, that if I give into you something terrible is going to happen to me as payback. All because I couldn’t say no to your fantasy because deep down, I’m clearly fucking pathetic.
I’ll get over all of this someday.
It’s not even my fucking fantasy.
I always want to be in your presence though. I always want you to beg. You’re everything and nothing to me.
Everything and nothing.
I’ll get over all of this someday.
What would be best is a bullet to my brain or to get to leave the state this very moment and forget all about you and your one sided vain love. I don’t want to stop talking to you but I probably have to.
I’m waving the white flag.
I walked ten fucking miles today thinking about how to tell you no because you’re everything and fucking nothing to me.
It won’t make you love me or you.
But I love us both.
Ten damn miles.
I’ll get over all of this someday.
So I’ma use a tool that I learned from you, in order to keep me from doing something that we’d both regret even more than our inevitable parting.

I’ma leave your ass on read.

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