I feel weak like worn out box springs
Partly because I’m going to miss you
I feel sad like the darkness autumn brings
Partly because I know I don’t need you
I feel hopeless like a life nearly ticked away
Partly because I can’t have you
I feel aimless like an archer in last place
Partly because I don’t know if I can replace you
I feel mad like a scientist on mood meds
Partly because you’re the best worst thing I’ve gone through
I feel empty like muddy shoe treads
Partly because I don’t want to miss you
I feel invisible like the sixth dimension
Partly because I know I never needed you
I feel nervous like wobbly wire suspension
Partly because I couldn’t accept you
I’ve only 7 more weeks to live here
Partly because I need to get over you
And then I’ll feel something else entirely
And surely someone new too…
Je suis parti, mon amour, je suis parti…

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