2:00 PM EST
I texted the monster and I know that I shouldn’t have. He made it really clear that he didn’t want to have anything else to do with me. But he was my favorite person for two years and it’s super hard to let that go without a replacement. So I sent him a simple message, that read: I will always think of you, even though you don’t want me to and hope things are exactly how you want them to be, regardless if that means without me. When I cross your mind, from time to time, think happy thoughts, for whatever that’s worth.
2:01 PM EST
I’m disgusted with my own weaknesses. Time to get high and try to get 20 thousand steps in today. One or the other will help. Right? Right?!
2:08 PM EST
Nature gets it wrong sometimes, what the fuck do I know?
2:17 PM EST
A chick I work with has lost a lot of weight recently. She’s still dumb, and ugly and country but at least now she’s skinny.
2:20 PM EST
If you let yourself down now, you always will.
2:25 PM EST
I’m so fucking weird.
2:27 PM EST
Doesn’t matter if you know or not, skynet knows.
2:34 PM EST
This jumble of thoughts that is me- just because no one has accepted them before in this form doesn’t mean that I’ll get away with pulling that same shit on myself.
2:35 PM EST
We’re alive at the same time in history. Of course I know what you are going through.
2:45 PM EST
I haven’t tried to eat some young boy’s soul in like a week now. Only 13000 steps left to go.
3:00 PM EST
Grasp at the moment because there is nothing else.

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