If my head was in that space right now
the space where ending it all was all that I could think about
what would I want someone to say to me and mean wholeheartedly?
I’d want to be told the following:
” Baby, come hug me. I hate when you don’t see in you what I see in you. You’re incredible and have survived some shit that would have broken most. Your scars are beautiful and proof it would take a lot more than circumstance to destroy you. I’m not the only person who loves you, you have to know that, but I’m right here, and I’m letting you know. Your feelings are valid, we all fuck up, we all have been fucked over and if you want me to get on my knees and give you head while I listen to you tell me what’s going on, I’ll do that. Put your arms around me. Hold me.
You truly deserve some peace and happiness even if it’s only a little bit for a little while.
Believe it or not, shit can get better and will when you’re ready to let go of the past and focus on the present. I love you, you know? Come hug me. Put your arms around me. Hold me.
I’m gonna stay as long as you need me or until you love yourself more than I do, okay?
Lay down, sweetheart.
Take your pants off, baby.
Cry if you want to.
Let me kiss it………”

That would save me.




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