Wrestle 78 pages from the office copier
Fantasize about meeting a man who tells you that you’re funny but you’re going to have to earn his sex
Spinning at 1000 miles per hour
Doubt everything
Respond to 37 e-mail messages about branding and fonts
Day dream about sitting on the beach reading volumes of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
Starting to die one second after you’re born
Overthink everything
Smile every time you pass the same person you would never stop and speak to if you weren’t forced to
work in the same building and walk by one another umpteen times a damn day
Wish that one of those kisses, just one, ever meant a damn thing
For probably 29000 damn sunrises
Misplace everything
Pretend that there will be someone new to love and loathe and leave and love once more
Check performance management results on yourself while you bite your nails
Take 230 million years to travel the entire Milky Way
Destroy everything
Over and over and over again…

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