The Devil’s Sneer

Slightly but obviously imperfect
A neck it takes a whole hour to kiss
Is what I like
A barely noticeable scar across the chest
Just a little of him is too much
Hands always clutched around something
A far away look in the eyes
Strategically picked shirts that seem incidental
Aversion to nothing
Just a little of him is too much
A jawline that could slice a sheet
A laugh only 3 people have seen
A walk like rock music
never wearing a watch
Just a little of him is too much
a mouth that tastes good just looking at it
Is what I like and I guess the truth is
I wish that I was that
fucking cool too
to only ever need to dance when you’re naked
so I latch myself onto you
but you never rub off on me
and for a second I get to pretend
the coolest one of us
finally and ultimately
Is the one doing the consuming
so I’m leaving…
’cause I’m full for now…

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