And all the songs sound the same in that they all start off as broken dreams
They all start off as underestimating me
They all start off with a slow long vibrato
Making you feel me when you don’t even want to
And then comes the hook, the hook is the best
Even if you don’t know the track somehow you know it
Somehow its been ingrained, somehow it pulses universal pain
But then the second verse, a little faster than the first
A little tempo change, a little more positive refrain
A little more understanding and now you’re feeling me
because every single thing I said in verse one I believe
but in verse two I demand that you agree to concede
to believe how I believe that you should believe
in me
And were free while I’m singing the harmony
because the heavy is what I bring
The song helps us both see
And the swell tells how close the sentiment is to the heart
And then comes my favorite part
The slow down again so the refrain sounds
like an echo and super mellow
but super neat and I’m enunciating
life for me through this final verse
And I bellow so strong, so loud and so long
and I crescendo and I fade off and I let go
and now
you have experienced just a small part of my heart
The songs, all of them, were my truth from the start
and everything that I wished that I knew how to say
To make someone like you stay
so all of the songs I chose sound the same,
they all say the same fucking things,
that at the beginning you were wrong
the dream of us is what will carry on
The hook reminds you of the thought of me
and up and down we’re destined to go
I’ll sing it again if you don’t now know
I cry out tiny pieces of myself through the songwriter’s words
I exposed my frailties in depth if you’d have listened to what you heard…

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