So shy in public but a rock god at home
Crunching numbers in the office but singing show tunes alone
And you may not be able to tell on the surface
Clothes and smiles hide things
But what entertains you when no one judges
Is closer to who you really are than what I outwardly see
What sustains you when no one else is around
What gets your laugh and your tears
on some level is what connects you to all the other earthlings
Because I can know you from what gives you the feels
The old movie with the catchy oneliners
The statue of a man going to war
The flick about the kid who falls for a hooker
Or the song with the sirens in the background score
I can see you clearly in the tunes you sing when no one else is listening
So what does it mean if the most fun thing to me
Is sitting in front of a slot machine, drinking and smoking?

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