I don’t know what I felt or feel right now
The horoscope predicted luck
The wind didn’t fuck my hair up
Even though the first interaction I had today was ‘you look tired’
And I thought bitch I just might be…
And the night before someone had said to me
I don’t know what I felt or feel right now
Tomorrow I’m going to give you everything
And they had never met me so I only halfheartedly believed
Of course until this random dude
not some one I would normally talk to
decided to spit his game
damn shame nothing but an accident could have brought him my way
I don’t know what I felt or feel right now
anyone that has ever meant anything to me
its always been because someone else had by passed surety
I can’t feel dirty or abused
only amused at watching now from a different perspective
me doing my usual things, automatically and remotely
I tried to make it seem as if I was hoping and torn on whether or not it meant something
but this game of pretending is not new to me
I don’t know what I felt or feel right now
somehow I had a wonderful evening yes its true

you did too, I felt you
doesn’t mean that tomorrow for either of the sorrows I will feel anything
more than likely you’re just playing the role of potential like no other
and I told you I’m fickle and I know you did your level best
I’m sure its good I guess if I base it up against
what I want versus what I will do
Either way it was nice meeting you…

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