If you say you coming at 6 and you not here at 6, you late.
I’ma be somebody else, on something else already.
If you text me good morning beautiful but you aint never seen me in the morning so you don’t even know if that shit is actually true, just to wake me up because you’re at work and bored, I’ma respond like that bear in the Tex Avery cartoon.
I’ma be somebody else, on something else entirely.
If I say for the header of my online dating profile that I’m not really into dudes who are married looking for a fuck toy,  have small children, are under 5’9, who live more than 50 miles away, and are just looking to hookup and you send me a message talking about I wanna get to know you even though I know I’m not your type because you’re separated with a 6, 9, and 11 year old in Oakland and you’re a full on 5’6 in stocking feet, you’re dumb.
I’ma keep being myself, and yet still, on something else, for infinity.

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