Aye, first of all,
you’re too loud. No seriously, seriously, we’re all adults here.
All of us. Calm down, okay?
Every one.
You got that?
There’s no reason to raise your voice to or at anyone here, there’s no one here, honey who doesn’t understand what you mean.
All we can ask for from one another is parlay. You listen, I listen, we listen. But the key is when we listen, we are listening for commonalities, not dissonance. Not dissonance. Not discordance.
Do you feel that?
Can you feel that?
You up for that?
So if I say I love you motherfucker you can at least say that’s cool because as a fact it is.
So if I reach out to you to say hey, I’m okay are you okay you can at the very fucking least say I’m okay, yeah thanks.
What would it hurt?
Unless of course you aren’t chill.
Unless of course you couldn’t give two fucks.
Unless of course insults is what you prefer.
Which is why the fuck you might be extra loud right now in the first place.
So then you’re too loud on purpose in this fucking place. Surrounded by adults.
So tell me straight to my face.
Is there no trust here? Hmmm? Is there no love?

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