She tried wrapping her mind around it
but it was a concept that she couldn’t grasp,
how could you so blatantly sing your own praises
while taunting others to kiss your ass?
See, she could only shout out about how great she thought that she was
if she was staring at the bottom of what was once a filled whiskey cup
and these people are sober
or at least I think they are, she said
and they are openly admitting
they think they are the greatest thing undead!
How could you know that, how could you assume that,
she wrecked and re-wrecked her own brain
the audacity and mendacity of worshiping
yourself with your own refrain,
she felt sorry for them and a little superior
at least she had the common sense
to only toot her own horn after
she’d reached a noticeable booze fueled tilt…




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