He said he’d do it so I said
come here for a second, doll
and he said, only a second?
We drifted off then.
So I said, That’s all it will take to convince you that you made the right decision.
Confident words would win him-
And he says, I don’t doubt that in the least.
I told him we could be gross up close and I didn’t know if he would be like ew no but then he said
and it would be beautiful.
We floated off then.
So I said in the most poetic of ways,
Like dewy graveyard grass at dawn…
And he said or a dog rolling through the weeping willows…
So I said for no reason either, just because…
So much destruction and discord happening around us but we’re gone.
We soared off then.
He said, or to create something so spectacular the gods would become jealous.
And not to be out done, I said they say those gods created our feelings but they’ve never felt like I do…
They’ve never kissed a lustful man who was sacrificial too…
And he didn’t skip a beat, he said to me, without experiencing our fragile nature, they could never understand the beauty of a single moment…
like this one…
this was one of those ones…
We expanded into the whole of the universe then.
I tried to keep up and said, The petite mort we love so much and crave
from tiny death to tiny death we’re enslaved…
And because he knows, he says, doomed to spend the entirety of our existence, hunting, for a piece of ecstasy.
His words undressed me and he wins, but I can’t end until I say
the ultimate and obvious truth
The most fun and most tragic sentience possible, a life we didn’t even choose…
We weren’t even mortals anymore then.
The way it should be…

2 responses to “@DanV0nD00m”

  1. Doom Avatar

    Artifacts of something beautiful
    Buried in the ashes
    A fiery promise of Doom


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