You stay calm.
You can only control you.

You love this girl.

Look at the beautiful things about her, the things that attracted you, the things that made you choose her. Remember those things. She is still that person. Its rough right now but it can get better. Give her some head and talk to her. Tell her about your dreams and where you are trying to go and I bet money she will be on-board. Let her know what the plan is at all times and she won’t be so antsy for answers. Give her all the love and affection that you promised you had within you and how could y’all go wrong?
Believe it or not, I’m doing good for once sweetie. Maybe you shoulda stuck with me when you had the chance. But everything happens for a reason.

I think you do love her. And I think you should love her. I think you should absolutely pick the person who will ride with you to hell and back, that’s what we all claim we are looking for, right?
So there’s sad times. So there’s hard times. So there’s rough times. But that was the point right, someone you can go through those times with and wants to be there.
If you gave her the energy that you might be mentally giving to other people, it sounds like to me y’all would be super happy. You can build together from the foundation that you are on and stay together forever through thick and thin.
You should know me well enough to know that I’m “team chick”. I want you to be happy but I think you might be overlooking the obvious. You did some horrible shit to that girl and still she took you back. Still she was down to ride with you against all odds. That’s the one right there. You should apologize to her for your selfishness, in my opinion and agree to work it out because when you’ve got somebody into you, you should hold onto them.

Must be nice.

I don’t know anything about it and I’m super jealous of the idea of the whole thing.
Nobody would ever stay with me, not even you, as well they shouldn’t.
But if anyone did I would be shocked as fuck and respectful of that. You should reconsider, considering she is willing to work it out with you for better or worse.
Thanks for reaching out. I hope I helped. And good luck to y’all.


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