Today at 8 AM some man jumped out of his car in the middle of the freeway to close my gas cap.
Today at 1 PM some man pulled over in traffic while I was strolling by my job to stop and tell me that I was looking like a queen out there walking around with my head up just being beautiful.
And then 20 minutes ago, some pretty young thing, 24, just back from the military all chiseled up with the plumpest lips I have ever seen said he had an old soul and wanted to spend some time with me.
But I did not give gas cap guy my number, I thanked him.
I did not give the pull over guy any time, I thanked him and kept walking.
And to the pretty young thing I said
The reality of the situation is
if you stopped by to say hello
regardless of how long your visit
I’d probably have trouble not letting you fuck.
I wasn’t even looking for that but today must be my day.
And trust me there is nothing like a young man…a strong, beautiful one…
it’s like harnessing future energy, literally…
I’d be selfish if I didn’t want you inside me
But I’m trying not to be controlled by my every single impulse anymore.
Trying hard.
The cosmic bit was… he understood.

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