First Song- Toxic Twat @2018

Written by Rude Anne Petty
Sung by Rude Anne Petty

I bought you a gift before we broke up
for the times when I was away
but I’m bitter that you keep fucking up
so I took the present back I gave
and put it on the coffee table
with sunflowers coming out of the base
Fuck you mean you don’t fuck with me
Can’t let this money go to waste
Then start from scratch getting your itches scratched
And get the fuck outta my face
You free to leave
I aim to please
but the toys stay at my house
You free to leave
What I bought stay with me
Take my ball gag outcha mouth
You don’t get the gimp mask you don’t get the cage
Stay or go, up to you
You don’t get the feathers or whips just one more tase
I can either love or loathe you
Its fine with me if you want to break up
I’ll fill your cum bucket full of of buttercups
I’m bitter, quitter
since apparently you’ve had enough
I’m bitter, quitter
and you liked it rough
You free to leave
I aimed to please
You got more than you could ever need
feel free to leave
But ain’t shit free
so your pleasures stay here with me
I can either love or loathe you
Stay or go, up to you

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