I couldn’t remember where I put that bill but she knew that I would forget so she wrote down all of the information and saved it for me on my work computer.
And when it was time to pay the bill, I forgot for a minute, that the actual paper was gone. I looked for it, everywhere, and then I thought to myself, now what would I do for future me to make sure I had this information when I needed it?
I looked at my work computer like, bitch, did you save it on here!?
I opened up the file and there was the info. I took a sigh of relief and I said to her, girl, you were really looking out for me, thank you sweetie!
Now I gotta do something for her, for hooking me up, looking out for future me just like she taught me to.
She’s thoughtful.
We’re stuck together so I might as well love her.
We’re stuck together so I might as well.
I think I am starting to like her a little bit.

I’m just as surprised as you.
One day, we’ll get to a place where I like her, love her even, even if she does nothing for me at all.
One day…

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