The details of your face and smell are finally, fading
and they say that expressing anger is always the best thing for you
and maybe I’m a bullet dodger
but the sound of your voice is becoming all of the voices of the past
even though they say that many animals can form friendships
with other animals not in their species for life
yet the way you tasted is distant to me now
and maybe I’m a problem causer
but they say that human bone is as strong as granite in terms of resistance
yet the excitement about you has turned to a numbness now
and they say that the storage capacity of human memory is virtually limitless
but I wish that forgetting you wasn’t happening now
and maybe without you I’ll live longer
yet they say that the ozone layer is diminishing at an alarming rate
and I seem to be worried about and wanting you less and less with time now
not to mention that they say that more than half of the population
that is married of course
are the loneliest among us all anyway
and it’s my fault that I know any of this at all…

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