I like your natural hair today and your natural face and your natural hips and your natural belly and your crazy eyes.
I don’t wish for you to be different but in the ways that make you a better version of you to you and for you.
You wait for other people to tell you how smart and how beautiful and how talented and how fun loving and how valuable natural you is and you shouldn’t if I could give you a little bit of advice.
You shouldn’t.
Time will pass, regardless.
I like your natural laugh and your natural walk and your natural lips and your natural voice and your crazy mind.
And if I could take anything from you, if there was a single thing that I would change, I would take your insecurities from you and plant flowers where you’ve had pain.
It’s all gonna be gone soon either way, sweetie.
Nobody will love you like you’d love you if you loved you at all, that’s all. That’s all.

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