You don’t think that I know why
you keep me in the background
but it’s because I never do what you say
I only do what you want…
It’s because you can’t even really believe how lucky and cursed
you are because I have happened to you
for the time being
for the best and worst possible reasons…
It could never be any different, sweetheart.
It’s because some day you may
need a way
or an ego boost or someone to yell at
or a couple hundred bucks
and you know that no one else on earth is foolish enough
empty enough
weak enough
stupid enough
in love enough to have your back always and mean it…
It will never be any different, dear heart.
If I can irritate you baby
like I irritate you…If I can annoy you like I do
and you never seem to throw me away completely
then it’s because I’m your drug like you’re mine
and we’re both dead men walking
arm in corroded arm
loving each other the only way that we know how
fighting tooth and nail ’til a victor is announced
or we’ve met our end
so tell me once more
tell me again
how wrong I am…
You know that it’s my favorite part.
You don’t think that I know why
you keep me in the background
but I do, baby of course I do
It could never be any differently, heart of my own heart-
its because I let you…
Its because I still want you to.

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