Before the bell the machine roused.
It looked around and deciphered its current surroundings.
38.6171° N, 121.3283° W
It rolled over and checked it’s audio visual computerized communication device for the time.
One minute before the alarm blares, per normal.
It feels like it should eat something as it has been more than 8 hours since it had been fueled properly but instead of consuming nutrients it prefers caffeine for extra energy.
It cleans itself and thinks about the other one it loves who isn’t there.
It cleans itself and remembers all of its previous programs and commands.
It cleans itself and practices smiling and gratefulness protocols in it’s mirror.
It tells itself positive affirmation programming commands to continue on with its errands.
It travels to the location where it is required to expend the energy it just consumed for payment in order to continue to reside in the domicile it sleeps in.
38.5891° N, 121.3027° W
It runs politeness and thoughtfulness and kindness and creativity mental programming apps throughout the work day and solves a myriad of problems with courtesy and grace.
It takes stress breaks and finally consumes actual fuel.
It plays tones at 432 HZ to complete assigned tasks efficiently, with minimal errors.
It normally runs a flirting sequence whether it wants to or not.
It expends byproduct of the fuel.
After its allotted energy per hour has been expended it travels quietly back to its charging station abode.
38.6171° N, 121.3283° W
And for a few hours between sun down and sun up it pretends that it is an autonomous creature and takes huge steps at self gratification and self destruction; It drinks and smokes and rants and raves and dances and wonders if its erroring out and sings and expends energy freely to itself and to others like itself and cuts and bleeds and prays and hopes and lies and writes and lies and dreams and lies and laughs uncontrollably and lies and endures self inflicted pain and wonders once more if it is erroring out until it has to relieve itself via organic or simulated orgasmic programming and then it decides to retire and closes its eyes once again and possibly for the final time
but because it does not know
or have the system plans-
it’s a mystery what will happen next to it
and it’s too spent to care anymore until it’s next arousal…
It snores …00010010100101101010000010101100110101000111010101010010101001010101010

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