No! God!
And how come one of the gods revealed it to him and not me
I’d have spared his suffering
Got him to the airport early
We could have traveled anywhere with our lips
But how could he so easily see and draw my attention
Gaze so soft and now we’re lost
No checked luggage or boarding passes at all
And at what cost has danger been appointed the boss
unless there is
No God?
Because nothing we dreamed could go wrong until it did
right when we could tell we weren’t full enough
Is the moment that we agreed that we saw
what we which we hadn’t known
The veneer slides off and oh god, oh god
the depravity I didn’t expect is what boggles my sickest mind
Sometimes I feel my belly sticking to itself and sometimes I’m so blind
No, God. I now know that I know
I’ve gone too far under hellish desire spells
The gate is closed and now you can’t fly anywhere else
No gods here from now on
We can’t hear the frequency anymore of heavenly song
Clouds just been pissing out thunderstorms
Innocence is finally gone.

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