If you were affluent you wouldn’t comment on being rich
If you were talented hard work would just be consistent development
If you were really generous no one could attach your name to gifts
If you were spiritual organized religion would be something you’re against
but you lie about balling out whilst you’re honestly broke
you mock hard workers like its nothing knowing that alone you’d choke
It’s not charity unless you get a plaque or some fame
And you don’t hesitate to commit atrocities in Jesus’ name
So I’m standing here and you’re telling me I’ma fat black stupid bitch like I’ll run
Yet karma and logic and evidence and reality shines on us both like the sun
I may not be new money so I drink sugar honey iced tea
I may not be a famous author but this shit is my free therapy
I may not try to save the world but saving it isn’t what society needs
when clearly the goddess of fortune has chosen to pamper the weakest beings


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