I’m sure that I must have said your name
He left the same way he came
Carrying things
that I never saw the inside of
And he did what he was supposed to do
Stood in for you
Even if he did talk about himself the entire time
Even if he did try to step out of line
Even if he did drink whiskey like wine
He said he’d been to the sixth dimension
which means that he could see in five
and I wasn’t even halfway alive having only experienced two
and the deep separations of space between us
were filled with multiple universes, the same ones
that we were build from
him and me and you
and I must have said your name after I rubbed his back and everything
and after I showed him to my room and undressed him and made him lay in there alone
like I tend to
until he couldn’t tell what might happen next in the darkness of space
he couldn’t see when I came back in
and got on top of him
and since neither of us knew anything
other than feeling
I thought of the distance between me and you
and let him feel what you used to get to
Even if he did name drop the entire time
Even if he did have the sharpest jawline and is probably prone to lying
Even if he didn’t bother to say goodbye
He left the same way he came
Carrying things
that I never saw the inside of
but he dropped some music off
like you used to
here come the phases of the moon
and reminded me bodies are for celebrating
elevated spaceships with sensitive nerve endings
and the space between us is a million galaxies of nothing
and it doesn’t even really separate you from me
there was no memorable kissing clearly
just his homegrown weed and purple sacred geometry
I can’t seem to love you differently
and I know he had a good time too
just a passing phase of the moon
he was kind enough to leave before he was asked to
so you and me could be alone in my head
I wonder what I said and I bet
it was your name
it always changes things
Even if
Even if
Even if
I never get to touch the real you again…
just light from the same moon…
kissing your face like I used to get to

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