It’s because the cut is right and because the cut is right the whole of the universe exists on the very end of my emotional string, my happening, my being is nothing and within that nothing lies everything.
It’s because its easy enough and doesn’t require much fuss and is a reflection of us and dances from dawn to dusk without our permission since all we’re doing is existing.
It’s because he tells me things that I can pretend that I learned from you because I only want to see what is familiar to me so of all the worlds where we could belong there’s someone singing a cosmic song and I don’t know what’s right or wrong if its fun
not to mention I don’t give a fuck and I’m probably not even wired to
I can’t control how much I love you
and he keeps trying to tell me about the flower of life like I don’t know
god doesn’t love me this is just machinery and he is here but he’ll never be you to me and I can decide who should sit on that pedestal realistically but who am I if not just a cog and I’m drawn and I have no control so I’m going to keep experiencing all of the things
with or without you in this temporal plane
Looks like weed to me so that works anyway
We’re all dying for the meaning
You feel me?

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