It’ll twist you up, I promise.
You’ll follow all the rules and fail.
You’ll read and re-read the formula and fuck it up.
And so you grasp on desperately clinging to any little thing you can repeat
you keep turning the other cheek because you heard that somewhere
and you keep inviting dumb ass people back into your life, over and over again
because you’d also heard that how you treat someone who can do nothing for you is the description of your character
and you’ve been following the rules and fucking failing
reciting and reciting the formulas you were taught and not one second closer to figuring out what love is
and it’ll twist you up I promise
until it dawns on you that every little saying that exists isn’t meant for you
all of these rules are designed for a more confident man and you haven’t even learned the rules of the level you should be on yet
You so scared to look bad and foolishly concerned with growing old alone and because of it the formulas are actually wrong
See they are all starting from a place of self acceptance
insecurity is something to which they cannot relate
and the rules work and the formulas fit
Fancy this, sis!
At some point ‘lil mama you’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that there is at least one person, out there who loves you.
There’s at least one person who exists that cares about whether or not things are gonna be okay with you and they want you to do your best and be authentic and thrive and you may not know who that person is and if that is the case, that sucks and until you figure out who, then that person should be you.
Once you reach a certain age you are responsible for your own experiences and happiness and recall is the lowest form of knowledge. Saying shit over and over again and masking the correct behaviors with the wrong intentions breaks the rules.
You can’t leave gaps in the formula.
Fuck him say bye. You don’t owe him shit.

Try again

Try again

Try again

Remembering the very first rule that your ass keeps forgetting
It’ll twist you up if you leave it out
I promise
There’s at least one person on the fucking planet to whom you matter most. Fuck cliches. Fuck quotes. Fuck him say bye. You don’t owe him shit.
Because there is at least one person who loves you for the entirely of your life.
Start there, hon.
Fuck cliches. Fuck quotes.
Fuck rules and formulas.
And if you’re the only person that exists who loves you, start factoring that shit in.

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