The audacity of it

See it for what it is

Even the broke jobless dude with the dead eye thinks he deserves it
They will go along even if they want something else, someone else, entirely
Loving someone is hard
Yet they all want casual situations

Even the toe sucker who doesn’t use condoms thinks he deserves it
It should not be a choice made so lightly that you only consider practicality, that you only consider emotions

The hilarity of it
See it for what it is

Even the white dude who tells every brown girl that he fucks that they are the first one thinks he deserves it
And understand if you get love any love at all

That more than likely its only for a little while

Probably a shorter while than your whole life

Which isn’t very long at all

The total bull shit of it
See it for what it is
Even the dude who thinks mama is a cool nickname and sells cologne on the side thinks he deserves it
They have no fucking idea of what it is
Pay attention to it
Love others if you can when you can but love yourself often and always

Because actually no one deserves it
so get it from yourself
and you’ll be less disappointed…

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