10 AM
I’ve told myself what I think the flower must think and now I must act.
I was in love and it was ending again…
So I said to him
It’s hard for me to run across something I want and then be told I can’t have it I guess.
I’m adjusting. And I’ll get stronger. And eventually I’ll meet a guy who wants what I have to offer. Or I never will but at least I won’t have let anyone treat me like an unpaid prostitute. I picked you and you’ve said I made a mistake basically and have been avoiding me for the most part ever since. Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to come see me and as a matter of fact I won’t bother you again at all. You know, you missed out kiddo. I’m incredible. I just can’t seem to find anyone willing to stop playing. Shruglife, right? It’s a new year and anything can happen. I’m hopeful! Be careful out there…Then I cried.
Then I took a shower.
Then I pouted and felt like a loser.
Then I got high.
Ten Hours later I looked up and I saw another flower.
So I said to him
Hi. Okay, this is what just happened. On every picture on this stupid dating app before I swipe right I will have read all about them and scrutinized their photos from every angle and then sat with my questions before I actually decide to acknowledge their existence. Except for you. I’m smitten. I saw you and instantly my chest fluttered wide open. I had no idea if you were 4’2 and/or unemployed and/or an addict and/or off your meds but none of it was relevant. I had to swipe right because knowing you even for just a while was too beautiful of an option to pass up because life is so damn short. Whatever happens now at the very least, you gorgeous creature, you’ll remember me fondly if nothing else.

Let’s begin.

I was in love and it was starting again…

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