His mouth his beautiful but I’ve yet to hear it lie
His hair is so silky but I don’t know if its dyed
He smells like a department store but where did he get those oils?
He tells me I’m so lovely but what if he says that to all of the girls?
If I tell him he’s perfect will laziness kick in?
Does he really just want a fuckable friend?
I could get closer but if I do what if its all a sham?
I always lose my shit when I meet this kind of a man…
He likes what I like and he listens to me and he gives me affection leisurely
Only problem (so far) is I can’t enjoy it if it doesn’t mean anything
I could accept the bad parts if I knew what they were
Patience is reserved for emotionally healthy boys and girls
I wanna like it but I haven’t seen exactly where it bends
I wanna kiss him in the mornings and evenings again
But I can’t appreciate it until it’s over
I don’t believe it until it’s done
I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop
and just ignoring all expressions of love

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