Stupid woman
He would dictate
the angle of the shot
and all the hip twists
and it hurt
and I couldn’t breathe but
I allowed this
and on some level
I appreciated it
and him…
I did it for him
I did it for him so he’d love me me
I did him for me so I’d love me through him
I did anything he asked of me
because how could I fuck it up
if it was exactly what
he had asked me for?
If it was exactly what
he wanted?
But somehow
I did because
all I have now
to prove he existed
is a bunch of pictures
he left the originals of
and now I
own all the photos
of my digitally desperate moves
he asked me to take
he asked me to be
he asked me to send
of the parts he liked to see
now and again…
discarded so easily
Stupid man

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