You confuse me.
It’s my fault though.
I didn’t want to reach out to you just because you
are beautiful
which you are
Your pretty face in between my legs is a bonus
I know you said you needed something casual
and I get it but
You confuse you.
On my account though.
I didn’t want you to feel me just because I
am infatuated
which I am
Your long arms around me is just extra
I know you think you wanted something casual
and I get it but
You confuse us.
And it’s my bad though.
I thought you wanted the same thing I wanted
to find someone to share things with
Your sexy mouth on mine is simply icing
I know you think this could have just been casual
and even though that is not want I want at all
I get it but
You confuse this.
And maybe it will be alright though.
Who fucking knows… and don’t get me wrong
I do know you’re busy like I’m busy too
but I’d make time for you
because I wanted to
Your heart in my hands wasn’t expected
I know it all was supposed to be so casual
but if you ever actually want to connect, I guess I’m available for that right now…
But I’m not going to stop looking for the guy who wants me
I deserve that, don’t I, at least?
Don’t look at me like that
Darling and
Thanks for reminding me
at least I know, you’re okay
if it was up to me that’s how you’d stay
all I know is you taste and look good to me
I want you baby but
casually speaking
You’re confused.
But so am I though…
So am I
I am too…
I wanted you, still do
…so what do you want from me?
Or are we ending this casually?



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