They think he’s smiling down on me from above now
but I don’t think that is how it works
I think whatever of him that existed beyond body
spread onto the ether like a cornucopia that burst
starlight flushed out of an asteroid field
and rained down on all of us two days ago
a billion years ago in space time yield
that energy from its original source resides below
I am the progeny of a dangerous man
the kind that couldn’t understand everything not being connected
the past is the future once again
the dance of death always wins the hand
he’s free except for the bit that is still trapped here in me
a rhythmic beat attached to carbon for infinity
from before time and forever after endlessly
he’s on the wind we all breathe
and he wasn’t the type of dude to sit up on a cloud resting on laurels
he’d stab right through you if he had to and like a gentleman never borrowed
and if you ever wanted to know him look at a thunderstorm
I only lost my father in one form
and whether he liked it or not
he left everything to me
the malady the wisdom the fire the gene
the past is future once again
Not from the sky is he looking around
And he won’t be in that coffin we shove in the ground
I am the remnant of an anomaly
he can still hear me and he can still see
the never ending melody
ain’t no heaven for mortals regardless of what they say they believe
because if there were there would be no need for posterity
who also love love and all the lovely things
that come with lyrics and music and conspiracies
and if he must be with god then a god too he must be
my father was Cronus and I am therefore Zeus, the king.

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