He was invisible and he couldn’t handle it and we all knew it
as we watched him
act out
His pulse was raised and the temperature went up
The sun was still yawning and a line was already forming
He didn’t see the sign
The one that read we can fuck you at anytime
And he started to plead looking exactly like the whole reason they put the sign up in the first fucking place
The disrespect in his voice and on his face
at the beginning of the day
Smelled of sadness
I wanted to hug him for all his screaming and yelling
because he was all of us about something or another
in our fucking minds at the time
and this was the hill he was too tired to not die on
being carded at the gas station he frequents daily
on his lunch break before dawn could even break
when all he wanted was a pack of menthol cigarettes
dreadlocks tight
pants low
so hollow
and the entire world was saying no
attitude larger than the wind chill from his throat
and none of us did anything but laugh at him and us and him but also us and the predicament and his wasted time
hollering about service in front of the we can refuse service to anyone at anytime sign
with all of us in line
waiting for the sun to shine…

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