You’re The Gun Metal Hors d’oeuvres of love.
Entertaining others was something I usurped as soon as I met you.
I will never drown at least.
But I also unabashedly dismiss everybody like you do too.
You are a part of who I am now.
You’re the Crystal Flan of love.
Singing all the live long day was something I stole from watching you.
I am animated and reanimated again and again.
But I also reject all knock offs like you do too.
You are living within me now.
You are the Adamantium Steak tartare with Capers of love.
Reading the fine print is something I do thanks to you.
I have been galvanized.
But I also comment on where a motherfucker went left like you do too.
You’re the diamond chocolate Souffle cake of love.
You are an essential ingredient now.
Creating an atmosphere of mystery is a skill I learned from you.
I wear yours and his and their animal electricity like a coat.
But I also ignore people for as long as they can stand it like you do too.
You are the blown glass grass-fed bison burger of love.
You are lifeblood now.
Interpreting all of the dirty facts is a passion I harvested from you.
I can only die in bits after meeting them and him and you.
But I also correct every damn body without prejudice like you do too.
You are the concrete lobster bisque of love.
You are the prototype now.
Living within the music is the bliss I unearthed from you.
Everyday with you made a Prometheus of me.
But I also choose to escape psychedelically and chemically like you do too.
So you have changed me forever now.
And so has he and so has he and so has he…
Because I am now all of these things
A Full ass meal indeed
thanks to all of you.

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