Sitting up here thinking that
My boss is an inadvertent Nazi sympathizer
Death is just another simulation in the game
and you know you love me back but you won’t admit it
If I can’t lose 100 pounds in three weeks I’m a loser
“Crazy” yesterday isn’t the same as it is today
and I couldn’t love you anymore than I do if I tried harder
Money is the most powerful nothingness that exists right now
Things are either good or bad, right or wrong regardless
and you ignoring me is clearly all the love I feel I deserve to be shown
All humans murder
Boxes are for forgetting things
and whether or not you or I have selfish tendencies is irrelevant
Not denouncing evil when you see is silent participation
Death proves how important and unimportant you are at the same time
and all we ever do is fuck one another over
Nobody with any sense likes me
Pretty people are just designed to win
and by far you are the greatest human who has ever tossed me aside
but I dare not mention…

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